About us

We are a family business located in South Florida, the most tropical place in North America. Our location in south Florida allows us to partner with the best tropical plant growers in the area and provide our customers with a larger and more diverse variety of tropical plants all year round.

We, at 305 Greenery, take the trust our customers place in us very seriously. We greatly appreciate the role our customers play in the development of our online store with not only their purchases but also with their suggestions and comments.

We try to make each stage of the shopping process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Shipping is a crucial part in the process. Just a few years ago, not many would have thought it would be possible to ship tropical plants across the country by mail. Well here we are! And its never been easier for a plant collector to bring home that perfect plant that’s been missing from their collection

.At the same time, it is a challenge for the shipper to find the perfect packaging system. It may seem simple but it requires a great attention to detail. Plants are even more fragile than the most delicate porcelain teacup. It is important to note that they are living organisms as well.

Our packaging system is a balance between the most efficient way to protect the plant and the lowest cost possible. The way we package our plant is not the most cost efficient but we prefer the safety of the plant and the satisfaction of a happy customer over cheaper packaging

By far the most exciting part of our business is when our customers receive their new plant. It brings us joy to see that their plant was delivered safely and completely intact. It brings us even more joy to receive messages from happy customers. It is a great feeling to make somebody happy!




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