Shipping and refund policy

The plants photographs we display in our online store are a representative of other plants belonging to the same lot. Therefore, the product you purchase will not be the exact one displayed in the image but it will be similar. We take special care ensuring that plant photographs are an accurate representation of the plant you will receive, they could be a slightly smaller or bigger but never a substantial difference. We grown-up our plants in lots where is difficult to see a difference between one plant and the others due to the fact of beings growth under the same conditions

We want our customers to feel like they are in a nursery buying the plants. To accomplish that goal, we try to display in our online store the actual plant as much as we can.  That means every plant you see in our store marked as “One Of A Kind” will be the exact same plant delivered to your door.

Please Add  72 hours heat pack to the order if you feel the weather could hurt the plant in transit to your area

Please know how to grow these before ordering. Our responsibility as a seller is to ensure that the plant arrives beautiful and healthy to the customer. We are not responsible for the care of the plant after it arrives and how it acclimates to its new environment. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the adequate care the plant needs. We are not responsible for poor culture or inexperience in growing this genus.

Please note our shipping insurance does NOT cover cosmetic damages such as a broken/cracked leaf or a broken flower.


Shipping and refund policy


We take great pride in how we ship our plants and we are sure you will be greatly satisfied with how we do it


Each plant has a custom, handmade wood support structure that ensures that it will get there safely and undamaged. We also ship our plants in larger boxes to prevent leaves from being bent and damaged.


1-In very rare occasion things go wrong during transit which can leave your plant damaged beyond saving. All we ask when it happens is a picture of the Dead on arrival plant and please send us that pics as soon as the plant is received and before it is removed from the wood protection structure


Normal shipping wear should be expected – Many plants may have few broken or discolored leaves or disturbed soil from shipping, that is a risk you are taking when ordering plants online, these plants are mailed, not hand delivered.


2- In severe weather, Most plants do hold up fine during shipping depending on how cold or hot it is and where you are at. 305 Greenery will not replace for cold or hot damage, if the weather is extreme, please wait on ordering or order at your own risk. I only ship the healthiest plants, I can’t control what the weather does to them. Shipping to areas that are too cold or too hot will be at buyer’s risk.


3-If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact 305 Greenery within 24 hours of its delivery. 305 Greenery will be happy to replace it, offer an exchange or refund your money as long as your order is returned to us in the condition it was sent so is very important if you are no satisfied with the purchase and you are planning to return the plant, no to remove it from the wood protection structure so it can be returned in the same condition it was received. The money will be refunded after we receive and check the item! Buyer pays return postage, 305 Greenery don’t refund return shipping unless you received a dead plant. please make sure you send us full pictures of the plant, not just the dead leaf/leaves, also please don’t alter the plant, trim, cut, or separate if you are not happy with it. No refund will be issued unless we receive pictures of the full plant not just part of it.


4- We display plants in our store with flower for the customer to know how the flower of the plant looks, but that doesn’t mean the plant they are purchasing will be in bloom. Some plants we ship will have blooming flowers on them at the time of shipping if the flower falls off the plant during shipping, that does not mean the plant is dead, flowers are not meant to stay on the plant. I the case the buyer is purchasing a “One Of A Kind” plant  them the buyer is purchasing the actual plant on display and if the plant is in bloom, the buyer cannot expect the flowers to look the same when the plant is receive as when the photos were taken, Flower fade quickly in most plants and even faster during mailing


5- In the event the mail does not make it on time, or tracking is not showing information on the package, please contact the post office directly. there is an 800 number for your local post office. There is nothing that I can do on my end once the package has been sent out and a tracking number has been provided. it is the buyer’s responsibility to track the time and contact post office.


6-Shipping Internationally: On International order 305 Greenery, Inc. will not give any credit on plants that spends more than 6 days during the mailing transition, regardless the reason. We had to adopt this measure because we don’t have control of the mailing infrastructure different customer’s countries have all over the world


Please check the policies on bringing plants to the country/state that you are in, customer and agriculture policies are different from country/state to another, 305 Greenery will not be responsible if the plant is place in hold, confiscated, disposed of by the authorities or if the plant get lost in the mail


305 Greenery won’t be responsible on any situation where the plant gets delay or lost in the mail. The buyer will need to handle any possible claim against  the mailing company directly with them


7- Please update your address, changing the address after you place your order is not our responsibility, make sure your address is updated. Shipping address is important, not just the billing address. 305 Greenery is not responsible for mail going to an old address.


PLEASE READ ABOVE AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE OK WITH IT BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. as mentioned before we do treat each case individually, but with that, we need you to follow some of the steps if not all to resolve any problem that might come up.


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