Pseudorhipsalis Amazonia (Wittia Amazonica) 6″ pot

Pseudorhipsalis Amazonia (Wittia Amazonica) 6″ pot


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Spectacular bloomer! With foliage resembling an Orchid Cactus (Epiphyllum), Blue Flame is a rare epiphyte from the rainforests of the Amazon jungle. This is a spineless tropical cactus that blooms bright purple flowers. Flowers emerge along the leaf edges from late spring through early summer, and blooms for a couple of weeks. Early Wittia Amazonica, springtime flowers are magenta, but summer flowers have the distinctive blue tip on the magenta flower.

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These cactus are from tropical regions of South America and they love high humidity and bright shade.  Love to be hung in trees or off the side of rock walls.

The Pseudorhipsalis Amazonia is a very easy to care plant, just water when the soil is near to complete dry, but don’t water the plant to frequent that the soil stay wet all the time,  they don’t need lots of water but don’t like to be dried out too much.

This plant likes a lot of light but not full sun.  Love to be hung in trees or off the side of rock walls. 

you can fertilize the plant every month with a half strength dilute balance fertilizers like 20-20-20 or 15-15-15

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