Neoregelia ‘Ardie’

Neoregelia ‘Ardie’


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Neoregelia ‘Ardie,’ a remarkable cultivar derived from neo ‘Martin.’ This captivating medium-sized bromeliad boasts an impressive size, reaching approximately 16 inches in diameter. The leaves of ‘Ardie’ exhibit stunning variegation with a distinctive and bold pattern. The green marginated leaves have creamy white coloration, creating a striking and eye-catching contrast. Adding to its allure, during the blooming period, the center of the plant becomes a vibrant red, further enhancing its beauty. Neoregelia ‘Ardie’ is truly a captivating sight to behold.

  • Description: light yellow Foliage with rose pink top.
  • Application: Interior & Landscape
  • Light Condition: Shade – Partial

Please Add 72 hours heat pack to the order if you feel the weather could hurt the plant in transit to your area

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